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Consumer report

The Role of Reviews in Creating a Superior Shopper Experience

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Consumer reviews hold unparalleled influence in modern purchasing decisions, functioning as digital beacons that guide buyers through the sea of choices. These reviews offer firsthand experiences and candid opinions, hold the power to sway perceptions, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions.

This report is an overview of how consumers rely on the collective wisdom of their peers to navigate product quality, service reliability, and overall satisfaction.

What’s inside?

Discover invaluable insights that guide brands through the world of modern consumers. This report zeroes in on consumer priorities and purchase concerns, offering deep insights into modern buying behaviors, with a focus on:


  • Review Culture: The Growing Influence on Buyer Decisions
  • Consumer Voices Get Louder: The Surge of People Writing Reviews
  • Real Reviews, Real Impact: The Hunt for Authentic Reviews
  • The Rise of Multimedia: Reviews with Photos and Videos

Key Highlights 


    consumers surveyed across Europe 


    Key European Markets analyzed 


    of consumers say they read reviews before buying anything  


    of consumers read 6 or more reviews. 

The insights from our latest consumer survey report are eye-opening. Understanding how reviews shape consumer decisions will revolutionize your approach, helping you tailor your offerings to meet their expectations better than ever. This report isn’t just data; it’s a playbook for creating meaningful connections and driving customer loyalty. Highly recommend diving into these insights—it’s game-changing!

Angelica Ryes CMO, Skeepers

The Role of Reviews in Creating a Superior Shopper Experience

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