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News from Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews changes its look, but not its mission

Discover the new identity of Verified Reviews!

Verified Reviews has a new look! We have some great news and we couldn’t wait to announce it to you! This redesign is not just an image change: it reflects our renewed commitment to trust and excellence in the world of consumer reviews. The mission we gave ourselves at the very beginning of our history—to provide a transparent and reliable platform for collecting and managing customer reviews—remains at the heart of our priorities. 

New colors, new logo displayed everywhere, new widget, new functionality. . . to make the stars of your customer reviews shine even brighter! 

Verified Reviews fits with the new look of the Skeepers group unveiled in November 2023. The first of our solutions in the UGC (User Generated Content) suite enters a new era: one where the voice of consumers has a strong power of influence. An Influence that is of trust, authenticity and brand transparency.

Ready to open this new chapter with us?

Today we are delighted to unveil the new face of Verified Reviews by Skeepers. This new look marks the start of a new chapter for being the most trusted player in collecting and managing all customer reviews. Since its integration into the Skeepers group, Verified Reviews has enabled the collection, management and publication of more than 26 million reviews. There are also more than 8,000 customers who trust us, all over the world. We are therefore proud to continue together to make UGC, the marketing content of tomorrow.

Marc Bonnamour – CEO, Skeepers

What does that change for brands?

We remain the trusted third party certified NF Service by AFNOR Certification. Since 2014, in addition to having contributed to its creation, Verified Reviews has made it possible to offer the most transparent and secure experience possible for submitting reviews, their management and their publication. This label guarantees total impartiality on the side of Verified Reviews and our partner brands, and it is the possibility for consumers to be as free as they wish.

At a time when fake reviews, amplified by AI, have become commonplace, our market-leading status gives us a crucial responsibility as an unwavering trusted third party. Verified Reviews is positioned at the heart of a relationship where brand authenticity is not only highlighted, but celebrated, and consumers can make informed decisions in complete transparency.

Auriane Buricand-Lafond, Head of Quality, Compliance and CSR – Skeepers

What changes above all is our new widget which will automatically update wherever you have integrated it. Use this badge as a guarantee of authenticity on all your media communication to reassure consumers.

And for consumers?

You can always trust us to guarantee brand transparency and to make your purchases with complete peace of mind. With the Skeepers suite of solutions, we are going even further to connect brands and consumers through authentic UGC experiences!

26 million thanks!

Together, let’s make online shopping experiences more transparent and reliable! And whether you are an early partner or a client in search of authenticity — we say to you 26 million times: THANK YOU!

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