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Activate your reviews everywhere – share them across all communication channels!

What is review activation?

Once you’ve collected your reviews, you need to make the most of them. This is known as activation. Share the reviews on all your online and offline channels (website, social media, ad campaigns, TV commercials, POS & print, etc.).


Don’t stop there! Publish them automatically on your distributors’ sites and third-party review platforms (Yelp, Google Business Profile, Tripadvisor, etc.). With Verified Reviews, each review has several lives!

How to make the most of

your reviews ?

Whether you’re collecting brand, product, or local reviews, here’s how to successfully activate them:

Product reviews

Guide your customers through the buying process, right up to conversion, with product reviews:


  • Optimize your visibility by enriching your Google Shopping campaigns with product ratings & reviews
  • Boost your SEO traffic by automatically adding Google Rich Snippets
  • Boost your sales by displaying reviews on your product pages using our automated product widget or a custom API

Brand reviews

Take control of your online reputation with brand reviews:


  • Benefit from our Google Seller Ratings partnership to boost your SEA campaign performance & optimize your costs
  • Promote transparency by displaying the Verified Reviews label and ratings & reviews carousel on your website
  • Reassure your customers by centralizing all your brand reviews on your Verified Reviews certificate page

Local reviews

Boost visibility with local reviews:


  • Centralize your store reviews on your local Verified Reviews certificate page
  • Add your customer reviews to third-party platforms (Yelp, Google Business Profile, Tripadvisor, etc.)

Verified Reviews’ strength in review activation:

Customer rating


Fast, automatic publication on all your sites as well as your certificate pages.


Reviews shared across all your websites & boosted visibility in different markets.


Exclusive partnerships with Google & BING and streamlined connections with third-party platforms (Tripadvisor, Facebook, Yelp, etc.).

A complete solution


Use our custom dashboards to analyze your reviews. Share these monitoring dashboards and manage your online reputation in real-time!

Review syndication

Unlock the power of customer reviews everywhere, for everyone! Optimize the visibility of your reviews by publishing them on all your websites. Translate them automatically to reach beyond borders!

Type of reviews

For every problem, there’s a review! Visibility, online reputation, conversion… You’ll find a different kind of review for every challenge — read more about brand, product, and store reviews.

What are you waiting for?

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