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Build a trusted relationship with your customers

Give your customers a voice with Verified Reviews. Become the trusted brand they expect!

26M reviews collected
90% of collected reviews are positive
+10 years of expertise

Reviews reflect your authenticity

Consumers expect honest and genuine reviews from real customers to make informed purchasing decisions. 88%* of them are more likely to choose a brand that takes the time to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Collecting and publishing reviews is the first step in a virtuous cycle—it creates a climate of trust, enhances the value of your products, and generates more sales . . . as well as new reviews!


*(Bright Local—2023)

The power of trust

Checking peer reviews before trusting a brand has become a consumer habit—there’s no room for cheating. Brands must ensure that they collect authentic reviews. Our transparent and respectful approach to collecting and moderating reviews will help you build a relationship of trust with your customers while protecting you from the risks of fake reviews and non-compliance with regulations. Team up with us to build a strong and authentic online reputation.

Demeco chose the trusted third-party Verified Reviews by Skeepers to collect certified customer reviews. The platform perfectly meets our expectations in terms of reassurance.

Cédric Pascual Marketing & Digital Director—Demeco Group

A transparent brand and loyal customers

Show your customers that their opinions matter by automating the collection, management, and publication of reviews. You’ll benefit from constructive feedback to help you develop your brand, products, and services while strengthening your customer relationship!

At Aubade, our products and services are all about well-being. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading a review by a customer explaining how our lingerie has made her feel confident in her body again!

Mariette Rieusset Head of E-commerce—Aubade


Give your customers a voice by collecting post-purchase feedback, and leverage their reviews to generate growth. Our solution automates the collection process on a large scale.


One review is good, thousands are better! But you still need to manage, process, and moderate them efficiently. Automate the process according to precise specifications and facilitate the task for your teams.


Share your customer reviews on a large scale and leverage the Verified Reviews label! Activate them across all online (website, third-party review platforms, social media, etc.) and offline (TV ads, POS, promotional campaigns, etc.) channels. The possibilities are endless!


Use our custom dashboards to analyze your reviews. Share these monitoring dashboards and manage your online reputation in real-time!

Review syndication

Unlock the power of customer reviews everywhere, for everyone!
Optimize the visibility of your reviews by publishing them on all your websites. Translate them automatically to reach beyond borders!

Type of reviews

For every problem, there’s a review! Visibility, online reputation, conversion… You’ll find a different kind of review for every challenge—read more about brand, product, and store reviews.

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