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Take control of your online reputation

Don’t leave your online reputation to chance. Implement a customer review strategy and give all your customers a voice!

90% of customer reviews are positive
4x more sales for products rated 4.5/5 or more*
88% of consumers opt for brands that respond to reviews**
*Five-star growth: Using online ratings to design better products, McKinsey & Company. **Bright Local — 2023

What is online brand reputation?

Online reputation refers to how internet users perceive you online. UGC (User-Generated Content) influences online reputation. Written customer reviews, consumer videos, or any other interaction with your community impacts your brand awareness, visibility, and reputation.

Build a relationship of trust with your consumers

Consumer reviews have a huge impact on online brand reputation whether prompted or spontaneous. Users can post spontaneous feedback on review platforms or social media, even if they haven’t consumed your products or services. So, how can you ensure that the reviews are authentic? With the help of a trusted third party, such as Verified Reviews. We ensure that each rating and/or comment is based on a genuine customer shopping experience, guaranteeing authenticity so that you can confidently leverage your reviews.

Get your online reputation back on track!

Encourage satisfied consumers to share their reviews wherever you are present (social media or third-party review platforms) so they can express themselves transparently and respond to detractors.

People who visit our Verified Reviews page (featuring all our collected reviews) have half the bounce rate of other visitors. They also spend around 20% more time on our site. Above all, they convert three times more than the site average. Reviews help visitors and potential customers understand that Tiége Hanley is a great brand worth trying!

Akin Tosyali VP of Growth Marketing at Tiége Hanley

Improve your brand awareness for better conversion!

When you take control of your online reputation, you’ll see your brand awareness grow—along with your sales! According to McKinsey & Company, products with a 4.5/5 rating or more get 4x more sales!

As soon as we started measuring customer satisfaction, we realized that the whole chain needed to individually take reviews into account.

Gwénaël Robert E-commerce Director at Sushi Shop


Give your customers a voice by collecting post-purchase feedback, and leverage their reviews to generate growth. Our solution automates the collection process on a large scale.


One review is good, thousands are better! But you still need to manage, process, and moderate them efficiently. Automate the process according to precise specifications and facilitate the task for your teams.


Share your customer reviews on a large scale and leverage the Verified Reviews label! Activate them across all online (website, third-party review platforms, social media, etc.) and offline (TV ads, POS, promotional campaigns, etc.) channels. The possibilities are endless!


Use our custom dashboards to analyze your reviews. Share these monitoring dashboards and manage your online reputation in real-time!

Review syndication

Unlock the power of customer reviews everywhere, for everyone!
Optimize the visibility of your reviews by publishing them on all your websites. Translate them automatically to reach beyond borders!

Type of reviews

For every problem, there’s a review! Visibility, online reputation, conversion… You’ll find a different kind of review for every challenge—read more about brand, product, and store reviews.

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