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Why choose Verified Reviews?

At Verified Reviews, we connect brands and consumers through authentic shopping experiences.

Find out why our 8,000 clients trust us to collect, manage, and publish their reviews in complete transparency.

A trusted partner

Since its creation, Verified Reviews, an internationally renowned French company, has devoted its mission to building trust between brands and consumers. Our solution combats fake reviews or unfair competition with authentic customer reviews. We comply with online review ISO standards (ISO 20488) to ensure that only customers who have actually made a purchase can share their feedback. As such, we help brands protect themselves against fake reviews and safeguard their reputation.

Transparent customer reviews

Consumers trust brands that openly display their customer reviews.


As a trusted third party, we display all your reviews (positive and negative) and give you the opportunity to respond to each one. This transparency, backed by our ISO certification, makes our review collection and publication process even more reliable. Build trust in your brand with Verified Reviews to guarantee an authentic and transparent customer experience.


Your brand visibility

Choose Verified Reviews to turn every review into an opportunity to boost your online visibility and reputation. Reassure your consumers with your certificate page, available in any language. Use your “Verified Reviews” label in all your online and offline campaigns as proof of your compliance and authenticity, to reassure consumers and build a genuine and lasting relationship. Finally, make the most of our partnership with Google Seller Ratings to optimize your brand’s visibility in Google search results.

A unique solution

A single solution for collecting, managing, and publishing customer reviews (of brands, products, or stores) to support your visibility, online reputation, and conversion challenges.


Our extensive ecosystem of compatible tools (CRM, e-commerce platforms, connectors, etc.) makes the solution easy to use and deploy. Share your reviews automatically across all your sites, in all languages, to engage your consumers and optimize your products’ visibility. Maximize the impact of your customer reviews by easily connecting them to social media and third-party review sites (Google, Tripadvisor, Yelp etc.).

The power of UGC

Verified Reviews is part of the Skeepers Group, Europe’s leader in user-generated content (UGC). Our suite of solutions, based on consumer engagement, enables you to fully harness the power of UGC.


Amplify your consumer experience by enhancing your customer reviews! Diversify your content with tester reviews (written, photos, etc.) and by collaborating with micro- and nano-influencers (discover Influence Marketing here). Tap into your community of ambassadors to leverage new customer testimonial formats with videos or live sessions (try Consumer Videos and Live Shopping). Use consumer feedback (make the most of Feedback Management) to deliver a personalized and unified customer experience at every stage of the buying journey (dive into Customer Feedback Activation).

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