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Diversify your reviews!

Leverage your customer reviews and never miss a sales opportunity with Verified Reviews!

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Customer reviews tailored to your business needs

With Verified Reviews, you can collect, manage, and activate all your customer reviews: brand, product, and local reviews. Each one can help you address a specific need: improving your online reputation, boosting your visibility, enhancing your product range, launching a product, etc.

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Customer reviews

Brand reviews

Take control of your online reputation with brand reviews! Gain insight into your customers’ buying experience with your brand & identify your strengths and areas for improvement to maximize the customer experience.

Product reviews

Product reviews are essential for any e-commerce site. According to our clients, publishing a review on a product page increases its conversion rate on average by 70%! Product reviews improve your pages’ SEO and SEA performance, making them more visible and reassuring customers.

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Local reviews

Improve the online visibility of your points of sale with store reviews! Reviews measure your in-store shoppers’ satisfaction so you can optimize your network performance. Go one step further by displaying these reviews to promote each of your outlets on your website, as well as on third-party platforms such as Google Business Profile.

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Incentivized Reviews

Maximize the volume & quality of your feedback with incentivized reviews!


Optimize your reviews collecting strategy by actively encouraging your community (consumers, influencers…) to share detailed and illustrated feedback. This dynamic approach will strengthen your online presence and increase your visibility throughout the market. Offer your community the chance to test your products for free, or reward them for their commitment with loyalty points or valuable vouchers. Each review generated will be rigorously verified and published with the legal mention “Incentivized Reviews”, ensuring transparent and authentic management of your customer feedback.



Simple, completely transparent, and immediately effective!

Boost your UGC reviews!


Star ratings are the best way for consumers to assess the quality of a product, brand, or local at a glance! Display them everywhere: your website, distributor sites, third-party platforms, social media, promo campaigns, etc. Products with a score above 4.5/5 sell 4 times more!*


(Five-star growth: Using online ratings to design better products, McKinsey & Company)

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Written reviews are the most widespread form of feedback. They are precise and complete, enabling customers to detail what they are satisfied or dissatisfied with following a purchase. Comments are a priceless asset for brands—they can be used to identify irritants and promoters, improve products and services, and act as a modern-day form of word-of-mouth.


Photos make your customers’ reviews and ratings more authentic and act as social proof. They help customers see the products in real-life situations, highlighting their use and quality. What’s more, they directly impact your SEO and website traffic!

All in one solution


Give your customers a voice by collecting post-purchase feedback, and leverage their reviews to generate growth. Our solution automates the collection process on a large scale.


One review is good, thousands are better! But you still need to manage, process, and moderate them efficiently. Automate the process according to precise specifications and facilitate the task for your teams.


Share your customer reviews on a large scale and leverage the Verified Reviews label! Activate them across all online (website, third-party review platforms, social media, etc.) and offline (TV ads, POS, promotional campaigns, etc.) channels. The possibilities are endless!

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