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Customers - How does it work?

Your power as a customer

Reviews, stars, or ratings have become an integral part of our everyday lives, as they directly influence our purchasing decisions. As consumers, we read them, but we can play an active part in the movement, too!

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Why post a review?

By posting an online review, you can advise or warn other consumers, so that they can make informed buying decisions. You can share your experience and answer common questions:


  • Did the products received live up to the brand’s promises?
  • How did the delivery go?
  • Did you encounter any problems before, during, or after your purchase?


Reviews are also important for businesses, as they can improve and correct any issues raised by consumers. In Europe, 43% of consumers write reviews, vs. 66% in the USA. Reasons for posting may differ from country to country, but the result is always the same. Whether you’re looking to help a business or future buyers, your feedback is a goldmine of information!

Why should you use a trusted third party to post a review?

Today, you can express yourself anywhere, at any time—on social media, online platforms, etc. But posting such spontaneous feedback presents several risks for both Internet users and businesses.


How can you be sure it’s genuine post-purchase feedback? Is the person being honest or are they looking to damage (or falsely promote) the company? Who posted the review? A consumer, an unfair competitor, or the company itself?

The best way to avoid all these questions is to post reviews via a trusted third party

Verified Reviews, for example, only collects post-purchase reviews after prompting customers by email. Unlike other platforms where you can post on spontaneously, we can link each review to an experience and a buyer. As such, we only send review requests to real customers who have purchased from the site or store.

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