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Review syndication

Amplify the impact of your reviews to boost sales!

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What is review syndication? 

Syndication enables you to distribute customer reviews on all your sites (regardless of the language), as well as on distributor and third-party review sites. Adopt a syndication strategy to leverage the power of reviews for greater visibility and conversion!

Collect a review and share it in several languages

Cross-border syndication (or cross-syndication) involves automatically translating and distributing your customer reviews on your various e-commerce sites. How? Simple! Identify your key markets, gather all your collected reviews, and automatically republish them in the target language(s).


For example, if you’ve collected reviews on your French website, you’ll find them translated and displayed on your Spanish or Italian site in just one click. Cross-syndication breaks down borders!

The benefits of review syndication:

  • Boost your new market launches with highly visible reviews on your product pages


  • Improve and secure your online reputation by amplifying your brand presence


  • Boost sales through increased SEO traffic and the reassuring power of reviews

4 examples of


avis produit bain

Is your group opening up a market or accelerating its business in an area? Leverage your existing reviews and their authenticity for greater visibility.

avis robot cuisine

Are you launching a new product? Publish tester reviews on all your international sites from day 1!

review earphones

Is one of your online stores lacking in organic traffic? Leverage your other sites and the power generated by their reviews to promote it.

score NPS

Has your online reputation slipped locally? Get back on track and boost it with review syndication.

All in one solution


Give your customers a voice by collecting post-purchase feedback, and leverage their reviews to generate growth. Our solution automates the collection process on a large scale.


One review is good, thousands are better! But you still need to manage, process, and moderate them efficiently. Automate the process according to precise specifications and facilitate the task for your teams.


Share your customer reviews on a large scale and leverage the Verified Reviews label! Activate them across all online (website, third-party review platforms, social media, etc.) and offline (TV ads, POS, promotional campaigns, etc.) channels. The possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for?

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