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Analyze your reviews to boost your business growth!

Improve your products and services with customer reviews

Analyzing customer reviews is essential for the growth of your brand. It will help you understand:


  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Why some products are more popular than others
  • How your customer satisfaction is evolving over time
  • The quality of your in-store and online customer experience
  • How your various stores are performing and what areas can be improved.


In other words, reviews are priceless! Seize the opportunity to improve your brand, products, and services by simply analyzing customer reviews.

Which indicators should you monitor?

Discover and analyze more than 130 KPIs in depth to grow your business and improve your customer satisfaction. Your 7 dashboards include:

  • By default, a detailed analysis of the most recent reviews

  • A dashboard for continuously monitoring review requests & customer responses (sent, opened, form completed, etc.)

  • Your acquisition, conversion, and click-through (or CTR) rate

  • Your average score over a given period to visualize how your collection request is perceived and consumers’ need to express themselves…

… And many other KPIs! You’ll find everything you need to fine-tune your review collection and management process.

dashboard Verified reviews english

Verified Reviews’ strengths in review analysis:

Custom dashboards with formats and KPIs tailored to you

Share options and advanced filters (by region, date, store, advisor, etc.)

Get notified for any significant changes to your indicators (e.g., a drop in NPS)

All in one solution


Share your customer reviews on a large scale and leverage the “Verified Reviews” label! Activate them across all online (website, third-party review platforms, social media, etc.) and offline (TV ads, POS, promotional campaigns, etc.) channels. The possibilities are endless!

Review syndication

Unlock the power of customer reviews everywhere, for everyone! Optimize the visibility of your reviews by publishing them on all your websites. Translate them automatically to reach beyond borders!

Type of reviews

For every problem, there’s a review! Visibility, online reputation, conversion… You’ll find a different kind of review for every challenge—read more about brand, product, and store reviews.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up now and harness the full potential of real customer reviews.

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