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Adding ratings and reviews to abandoned cart emails increases your ROI

Abandoned carts plague retailers everywhere, all the time! In fact, nearly 70% of all carts are abandoned across all industries. It makes sense that marketers are trying to throw everything they can at this problem to try to win back more and more carts. That’s a lot of revenue – nearly 18 billion dollars is left behind each year in abandoned carts. 

Many marketers have gone above and beyond in their abandoned cart emails. There are lots of best practices out there to help you nail the design and messaging. You can even take it up a notch with personalization – which helps increase conversions all around. But one thing that is sure to increase your conversions is adding in social proof! 

Adding reviews into any of your emails can help you get more conversions. Nearly 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase and 72% won’t even make a purchase until they’ve read the reviews. So you can see why adding reviews to abandoned cart emails could help your customers make that final buying decision. (If you want to learn more about adding reviews to your emails make sure to register for our Webinar, Drive Increased Conversions Using Product Reviews in Emails,  on October 29th!)

It doesn’t need to be anything crazy. Something as simple as a star review under the product they left behind can give your potential buyer the push they need to make a purchase. 

However, if you want to take full advantage of the benefits reviews can bring to your abandoned cart emails, consider adding more complex reviews. 

You can add in testimonials or quotes to your abandoned cart emails to put buyers’ minds at ease. After all, the buyer would rather hear from other buyers about their experience over you! 76% of consumers are more likely to trust content shared by their peers rather than content shared by brands.

Another great way to get more customer feedback into your abandoned cart emails is including poll results for important questions about your products. You have probably seen these on clothing retailers’ sites asking about fit – if it is big, small or true to size. These pieces of data are great and you worked hard to collect them so why not add them into your email to help a buyer make a decision? 

Using your reviews is a great way to give your abandoned cart emails an extra punch! Most customers need to see reviews or social proof before they will make a buying decision. By having that information in the email where you are reminding them of items they almost purchased you are reducing friction and increasing chances of conversion. 

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