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Customer Reviews

Collecting Reviews: Brand vs Product

Reviews are an essential element to empowering your customers, optimizing your online visibility and grow your revenue. Reviews provide valuable information to improve the customer experience and overall satisfaction.

To get the most mileage out of your reviews, you need to start with the first step: understanding the types of reviews that can be collected. Brand reviews and product reviews, and how can they both be utilized. 

1. Brand Reviews: Evaluate the overall experience

With brand reviews, businesses can ask customers about their online or in-store shopping experience. Consumers can give feedback about every aspect of their Customer Journey.

For an online experience, the customer can describe the navigation on the site, the loading time of the pages, the clarity and usability of the site.

For an experience in the store, the customer can give his opinion on the welcome in the store, waiting times at the checkout, the availability of products, the kindness of the staff or on compliance with health measures (an indispensable aspect today).

Brand reviews also refer to post-purchase moments: was the product delivered on schedule? Was the customer care responsive and helpful? You can also create customized questions regarding overall brand satisfaction to measure your Net Promoter Score.

The reviews are posted on the Verified Reviews certificate page. Each company that uses our solution has its own page that collects all the brand reviews received.

GreenBox Art and Culture certificate page

Brand reviews give a company insights into the customer experience for their consumers. Reviews help measure consumer satisfaction and easily identify brand promoters or detractors. Once you can identity your problem areas, an improvement process can be put in place thanks to customer feedback!

But brand reviews are not the only ones to be collected, do you know the characteristics of the product reviews?

2. Product reviews: evaluate a specific purchase

As part of the post-purchase collection, you can decide to request a review on a specific product.

A product review, as the name suggests, refers to the quality of the product or products purchased. The customer can then describe its characteristics, compliance with the description on the site, details of use, etc …

Businesses use Verified Reviews as a trusted partner to collect product reviews and then post them directly to their product pages.

Product reviews on the Franklin Sports website

Product reviews are one of the most effective boosters for increasing sales. A source of reassurance about the quality of the products and on the reliability of the company, they also help consumers make an informed purchase. According to an IFOP study, 88% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase.

Thus, product reviews fuel sales and trust for a specific product, while brand reviews offer a more global picture of the customer experience. But… Are the two types of collection complementary?

Choosing between brand reviews and product reviews

The good news is that you don’t have to choose just one type of review to collect, and in fact we recommend collecting both. With some review solutions, you end up splitting your open rates because customers won’t take the time to leave 2 separate reviews.

With Verified Reviews, we use a single form to collect brand and product reviews, including measuring your NPS. With just one form, you can increase your open rate and generate more reviews for your brand and all your products.


For example a company can ask about the general experience with the brand, the competence of the staff, the display of the products in the store, the evaluation of the purchased product, and give the possibility to upload a photo of the product.

With such a comprehensive questionnaire, the company can collect its average satisfaction score, feedback on purchased products and opinion on the shopping experience (online or in store). Review requests allow you to keep the dialogue between the company and its customers open.

Brand reviews and product reviews correspond to different review collection strategies and are posted on different pages. However, they are both complementary and indispensable to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

It’s not about making a choice between brand reviews and product reviews. Instead, ask yourself: is it better to choose a spontaneous collection system (any person can leave a review about my company and my products, customer or not) or a certified post-purchase collection system?

With Verified Reviews you can take charge of your reputation management: send review requests only to actual customers to collect authentic reviews. To find out more, request a demo of our solution!

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