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Customer Review Sites: How to Choose the “Right” One

72% of customers won’t take any buying decisions until they’ve read reviews (source: G2). But users don’t only look at the number of stars and comments posted by their peers. They also take the reliability of the customer review site into account. 


There are more and more customer review sites on the market today. So, how do you choose the right platform? Which online review sites reassure users throughout their purchasing journey? Read on to find out. 


More and More Customer Review Platforms 


When a product gets five reviews, the probability of it being purchased increases by 270% (source: G2). Stars play a key role in the decision-making process. Reviews are powerful types of social proof and strong selling points. Which is why more and more companies are eager to get feedback after an online or in-store purchase… And why more and more platforms are popping up on the market to facilitate the collection, moderation, and publication of these brand or product reviews. 


You’ve probably heard of Trustpilot, Google My Business or our Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS solution. But there are lots of other customer review platforms out there, and new solutions keep appearing every year. Some rely on unprompted reviews, without prior verification and authentication of a purchase. Others, like our customer review platform, prompt customers for verified reviews by sending post-purchase satisfaction surveys by email. 


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There are, of course, other criteria that differentiate online review sites: price of subscriptions, compliance with the law and AFNOR standards, technical integrations and widgets, analytics dashboards, etc. So, how do you choose the “right” solution? Which criteria should you take into account? 


How to Choose a Customer Review Site: 4 Key Criteria


1. A Reliable and Certified Review Site


In recent years, the legal framework surrounding customer reviews has been tightened. In 2014, the NF ISO 20488 (formerly NF Z74-501) was the first standard in the world applicable to the processing of online consumer reviews. Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS was even involved in drafting and implementing it! 


Then, in 2018, the decree 2017-1436, derived from the law for a Digital Republic (article L111-7-2 of the Consumer Code), dated 7 October 2016, came into force. Finally, in 2022, the Omnibus Directive (EU) 2019/2161 strengthened the protection of European consumers, by modernizing the regulations applied within the European Union for several years. 


Standards, certifications, decrees… As you can see, there is a solid legal framework for customer reviews on the Internet. But not all customer review sites comply with these rules in the same way. For example, a lot of solutions don’t comply with AFNOR standards, and don’t certify brand or product reviews to prove their authenticity. 


Make sure to take these guarantees of trust and reassurance into account when making your decision!  


2. A Customer Review Site Partnered With Google


74% of company managers think that Google reviews are an essential business driver (Source: OpinionWay). But not all online review platforms offer Google review integration. Ask yourself this: wouldn’t it be better to choose a solution in partnership with Google, so that customer reviews are also visible on the US’ favorite search engine? 


If the answer is yes, look at solutions that offer customer review integrations with Google My Business or Google Maps. For example, our syndication partnership means that any reviews you collect with Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS, will automatically appear at the top of your Google My Business profile, Google Shopping or Google Ads. 


customer google reviews


It’s also worth checking which customer review sites offer simple and intuitive widget integration. A widget looks like a custom block, thumbnail or panel. This tool allows you to highlight brand or product customer reviews, display stars and promote your average score in different places, such as on your website or via your Google page. This is a great way to optimize your SEO, boost conversion and improve your brand image!


3. A Review Site With Personalized Support


A platform that enables you to collect, moderate and publish online customer reviews is great. But one that supports and guides you every step of the way is even better!


When choosing an online review website, find out what kind of support they offer. This can vary depending on the platform. For example, at Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS, we offer:

  • Support via a Customer Success Manager (CSM): if companies want a close relationship and one-to-one help, they can opt for a CSM (customer review expert).
  • Resources accessible 24/7: if companies prefer to find their own answers, they can check out our blog articles, guides and white papers.



4. A Review Site with Customer Centric Features


“All-in-one” solutions present multiple benefits. We recommend opting for a review site that offers review collection, moderation and publication, as well as custom satisfaction surveys and analytical reports.


It’s also best to choose a platform with other complementary and “Customer Centric” features. For example, beyond customer reviews, our tool offers:


  • A Review Management + module: this tool enables you to manage your online reputation on all customer review sites, from a centralized interface. You can respond to Google, Facebook and other platform reviews, with one solution.
  • A Review Balancing module: this feature enables promoters to speak up in places that tend to be dominated by detractors. This promotes a more even distribution of ratings and a consistent reputation across the different review platforms. All stemming from one place: Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS.
  • A Question & Answers module: this Q&A feature allows you to engage your consumers, by letting them answer prospective customers’ questions. Your brand can join in the conversation by providing additional information about a product or service, for example. This is a great way to foster community engagement!


Google, Trustpilot, Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS… There are lots of online review solutions out there. Now you know which criteria to look at when making your decision. Would you like to take things a step further and discuss your expectations with a member of our team? Contact us now:

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