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Customer Reviews : Increase Your E-commerce Traffic Site

No traffic, no business. This is often the harsh reality for e-commerce sites.  

Traffic is the number of visitors to a website. It allows you to measure your visibility on Google, assess your website’s reputation… and accelerate online conversions. 

E-commerce sites can implement different strategies to increase their traffic… Like collecting and publishing customer feedbacks. But which stages of the customer journey should you add them to? How can you generate more traffic with consumer reviews? Here are our 5 methods, at Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS, to increase traffic to your e-commerce site with customer reviews.

Display Customer Reviews in Rich Snippets 

Rich Snippets or Rich Content are Google search display options. This additional information has a strong impact on Google search results. The best-known Rich Snippets include visual content, recipes… and, of course, customer reviews!   

Integrating star ratings with the Rich Snippets feature on Google increases click-through rates. Which will boost your on-line store’s reputation, trust, traffic, and sales. A Google result with a Rich Snippet (such as a customer review integrated via the Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS solution) has a 58% click-through rate, compared to 41% for a standard result. (Source: Milestone study, 2020)


Web site Merci Merci - customer reviews
Web site Merci Merci – Customer reviews

Optimize Your Product Pages 

When users search for a product or service online, they often end up on the company’s product pages. These pages need to be optimized to increase traffic and their ranking on search engines, such as Google.

A product page on an online store should include the following information: a description of the product or service, characteristics or main features, price, delivery times, available stock, etc. Not to forget customer reviews (positive or negative) to increase sales! 

Publishing customer ratings and reviews on each product page will improve your search result rankings and generate traffic. The quality of the customer experience on your optimized website will also be enhanced. 


product pages - verified reviews
Product pages with consumer reviews – The North Face’s web site

Share Customer Reviews on Social Media 

It takes more than optimizing your Rich Snippets and product pages with customer feedbacks to increase traffic to your online store. Social media is also a key tool to create content that drives traffic. 

For example, why not share your customer feedback, stars and consumer reviews on your social media posts? On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even TikTok, customer reviews can be part of your content marketing and communication strategy. Highlight these social proofs with images to encourage users to discover your website and make a purchase.  


Use Customer Reviews in SEA Campaigns 

There are lots of free, native ways of generating traffic to online stores (blogs, social media, Rich Snippets, etc.). But companies can also pay to be listed on search engines via a marketing strategy such as SEA. 

Search Engine Advertising helps companies increase their exposure and online reputation by paying search engines, such as Google.  

To further boost online traffic through SEA, you can also add customer reviews to your ads.

An SEA strategy and customer feedbacks, therefore, go hand in hand, especially if you use a platform like Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS!


Sarah's Designer Shoe store - customer reviews - Google search page
Overall score of “Sarah’s Designer Shoe Store” web site on the Google search page


Highlight Customer Reviews in Newsletters

Increasing traffic to an site e-commerce isn’t just about seducing prospective customers. You also need to build you existing customers’ loyalty. You can maintain this relationship of trust with your consumers through several impactful channels, such as a newsletter. 

Emails keep your relationship going, with regular and personalized content. Adding consumer reviews to your newsletters is a great way to encourage customers to make another purchase on your e-commerce site. 

Newsletters can combine informative and promotional information. So why not use this marketing content to highlight a product or service with positive reviews? This communication strategy, based on social proof, helps grab consumers’ attention… while encouraging them to rediscover your company’s website and make a new purchase. 


Ready to Increase Your E-Commerce Site’s Traffic with Customer Reviews? 

According to a recent McKinsey study, customer reviews have a direct impact on sales. 95% of products sold today have 3.5 out of 5 stars, or more, (all categories combined), and products with 3 to 4 stars sell three times more than products with one star. The study also reveals that even a small change in the number of stars (e.g., 4.2 to 4.4) has a significant impact on sales! 

In other words, whatever the sector – textile, home decor, beauty, health, mass consumer goods, etc. -, and whatever the products or services, every e-commerce player can boost their online traffic. In an age of trust and recommendation, customer feedbacks are key drivers. 

Integrating consumer feedback at different levels of the online customer journey presents multiple benefits. Credibility, traffic, online reputation, SEO, trust, conversion… So, are you ready to get started with our solution to collect, moderate and publish customer reviews? 


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