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How are we aiming for the stars in 2021?

If we had to sum up the personality of Verified Reviews in one sentence, we would choose this one: we are always looking to the future. Every day, the questions come up: how do we demonstrate continuous improvements? How can we further help our customers to improve the experiences they deliver? How do we boost the customer satisfaction of tomorrow, thanks to optimized operations today?

But to answer all these questions, and move forward thinking about future achievements, one step is essential: taking stock of the past year. After this year 2020 marked by the health, economic and social crisis, it is time to remember the successes and challenges met despite the difficulties. It is time to recognize that we are even more motivated than ever to move forward, alongside our customers and partners. So, how did we experience this year 2020 at Verified Reviews? What are the big changes coming for 2021? Take stock and learn about our big announcements!

1- Improvement of the Questions & Answers tool

To date, our Questions and Answers module makes it possible to give more context to the product pages of our customers thanks to a community approach.

When a company uses our Q&A module, Internet users can go further than consulting the product sheet and the various opinions collected. They can also ask a question and get a response from a verified customer.

For several weeks now, all companies using this tool have had access to an updated and improved version. In particular, we have worked on:

  • A more ergonomic platform , allowing improved handling and navigation. 
  • New filters facilitating access to Questions & Answers
  • Better fluidity of use for the “Questions” page. Questions can be processed simultaneously: you no longer have to wait for a question to be processed to move on to another! 
  • General performance optimized for the Back-office, particularly with regard to loading and processing times 
  • New KPIs for better management of the activity.

2- A new Business Intelligence tool: SmartData

Data analysis and management are crucial stages in demonstrating continuous improvement. In order to facilitate these steps, we implemented a new tool, SmartData that will be a game changer by helping companies:

  • To collect insights more easily and in real time.
  • Improve data management through quality.
  • To have a clearer vision on CSAT, NPS and collection performance .
  • To build reports for head office, regional coordinators, establishments, category managers, but also for the product catalog.

3- A new, more ergonomic commercial site

As you may have noticed, the Verified Reviews website has had a facelift, and we are very excited to share it with you!

The new version of the commercial site hosts nice surprises: from design to content, including better ergonomics, all the ingredients for a pleasant and dynamic site.

2020 will have been the year of all changes. We salute the courage, determination and resilience of all companies, including the 6,000 we are supporting. Our teams have also shown a real ability to adapt, and we thank them. 

In 2021, our solution will evolve but our priority will not change: we will continue to promote the voice of customers through the collection of post-purchase customer reviews. So, are you ready to aim for the (5) stars?

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