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How to engage your online community

The latest marketing trend has been to capitalize on User generated Content to create new content for brand’s to incorporate into their marketing strategy. And since the start of the crisis, this trend has only been amplified.

With marketing budgets and resources on lockdown many brands have started to turn to User generated Content to keep their marketing departments running. Marketers have been increasingly creative and are beginning to reach out to their community of customers and brand ambassadors in search of fresh marketing material. Luckily, that’s what User Generated Content is all about!

In this article, we have listed a few initiatives from brands and advertisers who have reacted quickly to the crisis and managed to engage their communities from home to create content to talk about their products.

Zara invites models to shoot their new collection from home

Stopped in full preparation for its spring-summer campaign, the fashion giant Zara has not been defeated by the immobilization of the Covid-19. The brand sent a selection of pieces from its new collection to the personal addresses of a handful of models. The muses were then able to take a picture of themselves wearing the clothes from home, while respecting confinement!
The result: pictures of natural models taken with a smartphone to present a collection with authenticity and simplicity.

Weber customers test their BBQ on video

Among the best-selling products in recent days, we find video games, board games, DIY and gardening utensils, as well as… trampolines and barbecues!As soon as summer rolled around, Weber knew that if they created online excitement about their grills, that sales would skyrocket with everyone home in quarantine. So, The Weber brand set up a video creator platform to collect consumer videos to talk about its products in an authentic way.

The BBQ specialist was thus able to co-create videos  thanks to his community of customers.

While consumers are stuck at home, many brands have been able to adapt their communication and propose creative projects to keep the link with their community today and prepare for the recovery tomorrow!

Beautiful examples of responsiveness in times of crisis based on creative and collaborative communication! 



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