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User Generated Content, what is it?

User Generated Content is just what it sounds like, content such as text, videos or images that have been created by a customer rather than by a brand. You are probably already familiar with UGC, even if you didn’t realize it. You are most likely familiar with customer reviews, which brands will frequently share on social media. Many brands have also started to share customer’s videos that either review products or show how functionality and usage.

In 2020, 9 out of 10 consumers claim to be more reassured in purchasing a product after having consulted user content .

Online content has become an essential element in guiding consumers in their purchasing decision.

Consumer profiles are changing , as are their behaviors and expectations. From new purchasing parameters are therefore to be considered in e-commerce marketing strategies .

“Brand Content” or “User Generated Content”: which content weighs the most in consumers’ purchasing decisions?

Why is User Generated Content an important tool for marketers to capitalize on?

  1. It promotes authenticity – When you can see a real life customer using the product, you can verify that the brand does have happy customers. Showcase your brand loyalty with a slew of customers who post videos of their satisfaction with your product. Say hello to your new brand ambassadors!
  2. Drive purchasing decisions – Imagine being able to answer a potential customers questions just by providing a video that shows the prospect the exact shade of a product, or how a certain feature works. You can remove any doubts for a frictionless transaction!
  3. Create a quality brand library – Nothing is more compelling than genuine customer generated content, and your marketing efforts will pale in comparison. Take advantage of your customers content and repurpose it for your marketing efforts. Just remember to ask for permission!



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