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Why and How to Respond to Google Reviews?

A company’s response to a Google review is the 3rd most important factor in terms of user perception. Consumers pay particular attention to a brand’s response to a positive experience and high rating.

All businesses should get into the habit of responding regularly and effectively to Google reviews, whether they are positive or negative. Ready to find out why and how, with 7 tips from Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS?


Why Respond to Google Reviews?

Customers are your allies. Sharing an in-store or online experience on the Internet is becoming a habit. And this positive or negative feedback is a goldmine of information! Reviews also provide you with an opportunity to engage with your customers through public responses.


Brands can respond to all positive and negative reviews posted online. Our solution, Verified Reviews by SKEERPS, makes responding to reviews and comments easy. These answers will allow you to:


  • Show that you are authentic and transparent.
  • Create a Customer Centric strategy based on dialogue and co-construction.
  • Build reassurance and trust for all users.
  • Help your company grow, by strengthening your SEO and attracting new customers. 96% of customers read company responses to online reviews, especially when they’re looking for local businesses! (Source: Brightlocal, 2020)
  • Build customer loyalty. Responding to a Google review is a sign of attention which strengthens the relationship with your loyal customers.
  • Boost your company’s brand image, reputation, and credibility with “real” personalized comments.
  • Turn detractors into promoters: a positive response to a negative review can transform your relationship!


We recommend responding to customer comments as regularly as possible, to improve your customer satisfaction and maintain your reputation. The aim is simple: provide quick, effective, useful and transparent responses to all your Google reviews.


How to Respond to Google Reviews: 7 Verified Reviews Tips

1. Thank the Consumer

Always thank consumers in your Google review responses. It’s important to acknowledge a consumer’s contribution, even if their comment is negative. Whatever the situation, a “thank you” will make an impression and improve satisfaction.


2. Personalize your response

You can configure predefined answers with our Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS platform, according to the type of review and score (as mentioned in our Terms of Use). Make sure to use this feature sparingly though. The best solution to effectively respond to a Google review is personalization.


Here are our recommendations:

  • Specify the customer’s first or last name at the beginning of your comment.
  • Mention the order number for an e-commerce experience.
  • Include the date of purchase.
  • Reiterate the problem or situation to show that you have properly understood.
  • Write and offer a personalized solution for the customer.

Use all the above to provide tailored responses, strengthen your credibility and avoid generic comments. According to the 2021 Qualiweb Barometer, 65 % of customers strongly dislike standardized answers.


3. Add a Human Touch

A good, personalized answer is (always) accompanied by a “human” sign-off.

Your customers want to know that a customer service representative has read their feedback. If you want to build a stronger relationship with that customer, remember to sign off with an advisor’s name and job title. Here are a few examples:

  • Lea, Community Manager
  • Jules, Customer Service Representative
  • Isabelle, Customer Relationship Manager

A personalized sign-off creates reassurance, trust, and credibility.


4. Pay Attention to Form

When responding to a brand, product, or establishment review, the form of your message is just as important as its content. Spelling and style are key. For 97% of customers, spelling is an essential element that impacts customer relationship. (Orthodidacte, 2020)

Here are a few tips for writing comments:


  • Be professional and polite.
  • Avoid spelling or syntax errors by using a spellchecker.
  • Show your company’s personality through your writing… For example, a touch of humor strengthens attachment and emotional impact.


5. Apologize and Offer Solutions

The customer is king, and their voice is sacred. Your response to a negative review should be respectful and kind. There’s no need to question the client’s dissatisfaction with a brand, establishment, product, or service. Here are our recommendations:


  • Always apologize if the customer leaves a bad review or rating.
  • Take responsibility for any mistakes made by your company and admit you were wrong.
  • Adopt a “Problem-Solution” strategy, by offering tangible solutions (a discount voucher, 1:1 conversation with customer service, etc.).


6. Ask Questions

Horizontal communication is key to effectively responding to Google reviews. The aim is to avoid a top-down approach, which doesn’t lead to a conversation.


Responding to a positive or negative review provides an opportunity to have a real conversation with the customer. So, ask questions, especially to clarify a situation and show your willingness to improve their experience.


7. Suggest a 1:1 Conversation

Your interaction with the customer doesn’t have to end with a Google review response. Take the opportunity to have a more private and direct conversation. Here are a few tips if you think the situation calls for a more personalized approach:


  • Openly ask the customer if they want to continue the conversation with your company.
  • Provide your customer service email address or telephone number to facilitate the conversation.
  • Inform the customer of your availability and responsiveness, to plan a private exchange.


Are you a BtoB or BtoC company that collects, manages and publishes customer reviews? Good for you! Now it’s time to respond to all your positive and negative reviews, using our recommendations.


Here’s a recap of our tips:

  • Personalize your greeting (Hello + customer’s first/last name)
  • Thank the customer for their review
  • Apologize or provide contextual elements
  • Ask questions, and offer solutions or a 1:1 conversation if necessary
  • Add a personal touch to your sign-off



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